THOR 2 set for 2013 with Chris Hemsworth but not Branagh

Marvel Studios has announced they are committed to making Thor 2, with Chris Hemsworth set to reprise his role in the lead. Deadline reports that Kenneth Branagh will not be directing the sequel.  So far the film has grossed $437 million and counting worldwide. Branagh will most likely still be involved in some producing capacity.

Reportedly his exit from the project was "mutual and amicable," Deadline states. This leaves room for a new director, which I am sure Marvel will receive a lot of calls for this weekend. A release date will be scheduled for Thor 2 for sometime during summmer 2013. Iron Man 3 has already been slated for May 3, 2013 so this would likely open after. 

It is not known who else will be returning to the film. I loved this film, one of my favorite superhero films and I can't wait to see the sequel. What are your thoughts on this news?

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