BotCon 2011 - 32 Photos from the Floor

Photos Transformers by Joey Paur

I had the opportunity to hit up the popular Transformers convention BotCon 2011 today in Pasadena CA., and it was pretty freakin' awesome. If you are a Transformers fan, then going to a convention like this is like being in geek heaven. There is so much great Transformers stuff to see that peoples heads were exploding! 

A far as the convention floor goes, They've got a collection of Transformers: Dark of the Moon character vehicles that were actually used in the film. There are rows and rows of all kinds of Transformers toys both old and new. Looking at these toys is like going back in time. So many toys I completely forgot I had when I was a kid, yet there they were... 1000's of them, sitting on tables being sold for over five times the price of what my parents bought them for back in the 80's. There is also a lot of art to check out, custom made transformers toys, Stan Bush (The Touch), as well as some pretty incredible and inventive costumes that people were wearing. 

I will say the highlight of the day was meeting Peter Cullen the vice of Optimus Prime and hearing him do the voice in person at a live script reading for the animated TV show on Hub Transformers Prime. 

Here's a collection of photos I took while walking the floor that I think you'll really enjoy. Sorry for some of the blurry pictures, I took these on my iPhone. 




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