E3 2011: GEARS OF WAR 3 - Gameplay Demo

Epic Games unveiled a pretty sweet-ass gameplay demo for their highly anticipated game Gears of War 3. We've seen a few trailer released for the game already, but there's just something about seeing the actual gameplay in action that gets me even more excited for it. The demo they showed us features one of the big bad bosses that Delta Squad has to take on. 

Like all of the Gears of War games, there are some pretty sweet graphics, and a ton of blood and gore, which makes fans of the game happy. This is the final game in the most current story arc. 

The game is set to be released on September 20, 2011 on the XBOX 360. Watch the gameplay demo below and hit us up with your thoughts! Are you excited for this game or what?

Here's the synopsis for the game:

Eighteen months after the fall of Jacinto, the Gears have moved to the island of Vectes and are living aboard a converted aircraft carrier called theRaven's Nest. The COG has disbanded and the imulsion that powered Sera's cities has infected and mutated members of the Locust, causing them to become Lambent. The Lambent are evolving into a new enemy that threatens both the Locust and humanity. The Stranded also live on the island along with other survivors from E-Day.



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