BATMAN: YEAR ONE Animated Movie - Sneak Peek Video

Here cool little sneak peak video from Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainments upcoming animated film Batman: Year One. Which is one hell of an awesome story, and it looks like they did a decent job pulling off a adaptation of the Frank Miller-David Mazzucchelli classic.

The newly released preview video gives us our first look at footage from the animated film which stars Ben McKenzie (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Bryan Cranston (James Gordon), Eliza Dushku (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Katee Sackhoff (Sarah Essen) and Alex Rocco (Carmine Falcone).

The straight to DVD feature is being directed by Lauren Montgomery and Sam Liu who have worked on several of the other animated comic book film adaptations at the WB. Here is a little synopsis of the story.

A young Bruce Wayne has spent his adolescence and early adulthood, traveling the world so he could hone his body and mind into the perfect fighting and investigative machine. But now as he returns to Gotham City, he must find a way to focus his passion and bring justice to his city. Retracing Batman’s first attempts to fight injustice as a costumed vigilante, we watch as he chooses a guise of a giant bat, creates an early bond with a young Lieutenant James Gordon, inadvertently plays a role in the birth of Catwoman, and helps to bring down a corrupt political system that infests Gotham.

Check out the sneak peek video and character designs below, and tell us what you think!

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