E3 2011 First Impressions: RESISTANCE 3

ReviewGames E3 by Joey Paur

It’s hard to give a full review on a game while at E3 because usually the demos that are available to play give us only around 10-15 minutes of gameplay time. So there will be a series of first impression reviews for the demos that I get to play while I’m here.

The first game I ended up playing at E3 was Resistance 3 both the campaign mode and mutliplayer. I’ve got to say other than the slight improvements on the graphics there really isn’t much different here from the first three games. And yes, just for clarification this is the fourth game in the Resistance franchise ever though it’s labled as part 3. 

The gameplay mechanics are basically the same, but there are obviously new environments to play in, and characters to play with and kill. There are also some new weapons to get crazy with, which include, the Mutator, which shoots biological mist that causes enemies to eventually explode causing splash damage, the Dead eye sniper rifle, and a new food can shaped grenade, which releases an arsenal of nails when it explodes. All the weapons can be upgraded, and they become more powerful the more they are used. I loved how fast paced and action-packed the game was. 

I enjoyed the multiplayer mode, but I will say there was some lag, but that probably just because of the network they were using, so I won’t hold that against them, even though it was a little annoying while playing the game. You can have 16 players on at the same time and the competitive online multiplayer includes deathmatch and a few different objective-based modes.

The game looks amazing, and it feels familiar so for those of you who have enjoyed playing the previous Resistance games in the past then you’re going to love this this. Lots of destruction, explosion, and death in this game so you really can go wrong.

Here’s the synopsis for the games story:

August 1957, United States is lost. Four years after Resistance 2, dishonorably discharged sentinel Joseph Capelli has given up fighting the Chimeran menace; he has been reduced to hiding with other survivors, including his wife and young son. When Dr Fyodor Malikov arrives with the opportunity to deliver a blow to the occupying Chimeran force, Capelli leaves his family to journey the harrowing road from Oklahoma to New York City. Along the way, he encounters the remnants of humanity left in the aftermath of the brutal Chimeran invasion.

Here's the previously released gameplay footage:

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