E3 2011: GEARS OF WAR 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Announced

Games Gears of WarE3 by Joey Paur

Hardcore fans of the Gears of War video game franchise are going to love the hell of of this! Gears of War 3 is set to be released this coming September, and you will now have the chance to pick up an awesome looking limited edition Xbox 360 that was inspired by the popular blood drenched game. The Xbox will feature custom COG logo art, a 320GB hard drive, built in Wi-Fi connector, two custom-designed Xbox 360 controllers, a wired headset, a copy of the game, and a game token for the Infected Omen Weapon Pack and the Adam Fenix character in multiplayer.

You'll be able to pick up one of these badboys for $399.99 beginning on September 20th, and special edition controllers will also be sold separately for $59.99. If I didn't already have my special edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 console, I might have considered buying one of these because it is pretty badass looking. 

I pretty freakin' excited to play the game, and if you want to read up more on Gear of War 3 check out more of our news here.


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