Real Life Ninja Turtle Fails...

"Totally not radical."

As geeks, we often like to suspend ourselves in a world of fantasy. Some of us like to immerse ourselves in the folklore of the fictional, others like to wear tight spandex, and there are some...there are some who like to break the hearts of those who dare to dream.

Turtles suck in real life. They aren't fast, cunning, or incredibly smart...and if you put them in toxic goo you know what happens? They die...they die hard and fast (same goes for rats but that's a different post).

What brings my thoughts to this today you might ask? A recent viral video in which a "ninja turtle" attempts to climb a fence...notice I say attempts.

You can watch the 2:22 video in it's entirety to see Raphaefail in all his glory, or you can check out people in turtle costumes reenact the tv show theme...either way I have a lot letters to write to the creators of a show that dared me to believe in greatness, and a lot of fond memories to electro-shock.


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