Josh Brolin sought for Spike Lee's OLDBOY remake?

Josh Brolin is at the top of Mandate's casting wishlist for Spike Lee's Oldboy remake. It will be hard for any actor to live up to the amazing performance by Choi Min-Sik in the Korean version, but Brolin may be able to pull it off. I can easily see him taking out years of anger on villains with a hammer. Twitch reports that no offer has been made yet, so this is still rumor.

As I said, Brolin would be a great choice for this role. Idris Elba and Aaron Eckhart are two other actors named by Twitch as people that they could see in the role. I like the idea of Eckhart, but couuld also see someone like Jon Hamm doing a cool job with the par. I know that many of you  would rather not see a remake happen, but that is out out our hands. If not Brolin then who would you rather see in this role. Share your thoughts below?

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