Can Computers Sing?

HumorVideosby Mick Joest

"All systems set to rock."

Anime Expo 2011 came and went as a majority of the world didn't know it existed and a greater percentage went on wishing they didn't know it existed. For the marginal percentage of you who did attend I'm sure you got to witness Japanese popstar (and property of SEGA) Hatsune Miku, one of the first top-selling non-human acts.

Miku is in Toyota commercials, an upcoming video game, and selling out shows globally...why? Some might argue her music is good, others might admit they have an odd fetish of sorts seeing an animated chick bounce around in a way that just doesn't become Ke$ha...whatever the case I've done the research for you and found plenty of Computer acts making waves across the grid.

So can robots sing?


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