Geek Belts Keep Your Pants On/Create Great Pick-Up Lines

HumorRantby Mick Joest

"It's gonna take a special kind of woman to tell you to take that off."

That's right for the low price of 20 bucks, you can be the Belle of the LAN party with this nifty belt buckle courtesy of! It's not just for the PC buffs however Mac users, you too can get a mouse of your beloved brand for a much higher price, a pretentious attitude, and same functionality (ok, same price but you know you like paying for "quality").

It's not often Geek fashion gets something this cool (see early 2000's scrolling marquee belt) so if you plan on buying one to wow the dark haired horned rimmed she-devil in your local grotto, here's some conversation starters that might help you out.

"Double click to open babe"

"Right click to move forward"

"You should see my flash drive"


Got anything better? Put it in the comments below, and good sly devil you.


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