Johnny Depp wants Russell Brand for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5?

I am personally not too excited at the prospect of a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean, but it looks like it's going to happen. Earlier we reported that Terry Rossio has already turned in the script and that it if was good enough Johnny Depp would be back.

ShowbizSpy is now reporting that Depp is interested in havinng Russell Brand star in the film. Their source says that “Johnny is a big fan of Russell’s and ultimately he has a big say in who he works with.” “The idea is to give Jack a new sidekick — someone who will bring out a new side to the character. This will also be a massive opportunity for Russell and establish him among the Hollywood A-list.”

My biggest gripe about the last film is that there were too many unnecessary characters in the film. Brand will surely be able to add a healthy dose of comedy to the action-comedy film. What are your thoughts on this possibility?

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