New Image of Karl Urban as JUDGE DREDD

Here's a a great new dark picture of Karl Urban decked out as Judge Dredd! The film is currently in production and is being directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point). I'm looking forward to seeing some footage from this film. I really like the look of Dredd in this pic and the previous one that was released. These's no doubt that this will end up being a better film than Sylvester Stallone's version. The film is set to hit theaters in 2012. What do you all think of the new image?

Here's a previously leaked plot synopsis for the film:

In a future where Earth has become a radioactive wasteland, 98% of the Human Population is concentrated in the Mega-Cities, where the law is enforced by the Judges, a police force entitled to act as jury, judge and executioner. The best Judge there is is Dredd (Karl Urban), who operates in Mega-City 1. 

One day, Dredd is assigned to train recruit Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), who had previously failed the Judge Academy, but received a second chance for being a mutant with heightned psychic abilities that might be useful. The duo is deployed to investigate a triple homicide in the block of Peach Trees, a violent area ruled by Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal (Lena Headey), a sadistic drug dealer who has put a new substance in the market: Slow-Mo, a drug that alters its user's brain's chemics, making it appear as if time is in slow-motion. 

Dredd and Anderson discover about Slow-Mo and raid one of the dealing points, capturing one of Ma-Ma's men in the process. In order to prevent him from being taken to the Judges' headquarters, where he'll surely crack under interrogation, she has her skilled team of Hackers cut Peach Trees of the grid and activate the Nuclear Attack continency program, isolating Peach Trees inside a titanium dome. Ma-Ma then puts a bounty on Dredd's and Anderson's heads: Either they die, or the dome doesn't get lifted. 

Completelly stranded inside a hostile environment where everyone wants them death, Dredd and Anderson have to find a way to escape and put a stop to Ma-Ma's plans before she is able to expand her turf over the other blocks, effectively becoming Mega-City 1's number one drug dealer.

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