Cornell Creates Invisibility Cloak

"Ron can't believe it either."

Wizards often like to laugh at the Muggle world for our inability to use magic and our refusal to accept chocolates as a form of modern medicine, but today you can score one for non-magic users (and Squibs) all around!

Cornell researchers have created a "Space-Time Invisibility Cloak" that allows light to be slowed and bent in such a way that whomever is operating in the space manipulated will go undetected (and unrecorded by time) for however long the machine operates, which is currently a brain melting 110 nanoseconds, although the brains at Cornell think they could get it up to 120 microseconds.

So maybe we aren't blowing minds yet, but we've certainly hit the start and maybe one day the Magic and Science of Earth will match that of Thor's Asgard...then we will all be Nordic warlords.

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