SDCC 2011: TWILIGHT Fans Already Lining up For Thursday's Panel

I haven't been the biggest fan of this whole Twilight Comic-Con fan mix-up thing. The Twilight fans are a little crazy for me, every year that they've been at the Con I've been deafened by their screams, leaving the great Hall H with bleeding ears. These fangirls pictures above have been waiting in line for the Thursday Breaking Dawn Panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 since Tuesday of this week, which in insane! Every year that Twi-hards have come to Comic-Con they've come out in full force. 

We wont be leaving for San Diego until tomorrow morning, and there's already a line for Hall H that we are going to have wait in. This is simply crazy. If you're going to be at the panel on Thursday, I suggest you bring earplugs. 

What are yout thoughts on the Twilight fans already invading Comic-Con?

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