Today Venkman, Mazer and myself were able to get into an exclusive screening of Captain America: the First Avenger.  All I have to say is that it was amazing!  I was blown away by the cast and the story.  This was one of the things that i was truly excited for, and I must say I was not disappointed.  
We were lucky enough to be in the theater that Chris Evens came in and introduced the film and that just made the experience that much better.  I have to say that I would love to tell you everything about the film but I promise not to spoil anything for you.  I was blown away from the first scene of the film.  The effects team who worked on this film did a fantastic job.  The transition from pre-Super Soldier Serum Steve Rodgers to the super hero know and love is done seamlessly.  It held your attention from opening to the end credits.  The action sequences were well thought out and hit all of the elements that you would want in a Captain America flick.  The shield wasn't used as much as you would like, but it was used effectively.  Also, if you were like me and doubted Chris Evens as the Captain, no need to worry.  Evens never over plays the role, he is very true in his performance.
With the true awesomeness of the film, it was topped off well with the first preview of The Avengers.  We will post a full rundown of the trailer, but it gave me goose bumps.  From what I have seen, it will be mind blowing. 
 There is so much i want to tell you all, but I don't want to ruin anything.  I want you to form your own opinion and let me know what you think.  In my opinion, the cast is perfect, the story flows well and the action is amazing.  Go see it and get back to me.
McMurphy Out!