SDCC 2011: Hugh Jackman Confirms Villain in THE WOLVERINE

Hugh Jackman made an appearance at Comic-Con this morning  to promote his new film Real Steel, which looks like a lot of fun. He did a little Q&A, and of course the fans couldn’t help but ask Jackman about the status of The Wolverine, which James Mangold is now set to direct. 

During the Q&A Jackman confirmed who the villain in the film will be, and when it will start shooting. Some of you might consider this a spoiler so you’ve been warned. I will say, since the film is based on the Frank Miller Wolverine Japan Saga, and it takes place in the Marvel Universe, I kind of figured this is who it would be, but at least we have confirmation. 

Here’s what he had to say,

I’m filming Les Miserables in February, but before that I will be filming Wolverine 2 in October. Chris McQuarrie has written a fantastic script and it should turn out really good. I’ll fight the Silver Samurai in it so that should be exciting. Most of the filming will take place in Japan.

It's only common sense that the Silver Samurai would be the main villain in the film, and I'm looking forward to seeing these two characters fight on the big screen! For those of you not familiar with the character here’s some more information.

Silver Samurai Info:

The Silver Samurai is a mutant with the ability to generate a tachyon field, with which he can surround anything. He commonly uses his power on his sword, enabling it to cut through nearly anything, except adamantium.

When working with the Viper, he possesses a teleportation ring, which allows him to teleport from one location to another, granting him great mobility and stealth.

As a self-styled samurai, he is a master of Kenjutsu (katana), and a martial arts master specializing in edged weapons, hand to hand combat, and tactics. He usually wears a suit of lightweight steel alloy body armor, modeled after traditional samurai armor, but made of modern protective materials. He carries a katana (long sword), shuriken (throwing stars), and other weaponry. Keniuchio has extensive knowledge of the operations of criminal organizations due to his shady past, which he now uses in the service of his government to combat such organizations. He is an expert in the history and customs of the samurai class (Bushido).

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