SDCC 2011: EUREKA Panel

The Eureka panel today was moderated by Wil Wheaton, whom I am obligated to loathe because he was once rude to GeekTyrant's own R.P. McMurphy. But I will try to cut through his smarm to give you guys the news from the panel. Creator Jaime Puglia, writer Bruce Miller, and cast members Colin Ferguson, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Neil Grayston, and Felicia Day came to the panel to tell us what to expect from season 4.5.

This season will feature a bank robbery in which the entire bank is stolen, black holes, antimatter, launch problems, and maybe some sexytimes. The Estraus (sp?) mission will take up a bit of time as well. You can also look forward to appearances by Ming Na, Wallace Shawn (!), Wil Wheaton (boo), Dave Foley, and God of Nerds, Stan Lee. They will never return to the original timeline. It is likely that events will intersection with the original timeline, but there will be no reset button. There is an upcoming Christmas episode done in multiple animation styles. Zoe is back. The relationship between Ferguson and Richardson-Whitfield will remain interesting, with them hitting the kinds of issues all couples deal with.

Felicia Day also gave us a season 5 spoiler that in one episode Neil Grayston will wear some inappropriate pants that allowed some crotch-wafting. I would elaborate, but at that point Salli Richardson-Whitfield showed her the rule about not saying things inappropriate for children, and Felicia had to stop her story. I heart Felicia Day. Which is why the rest of the post will be my favorite things Felicia Day said at the panel. The Estraus mission required "a lot of close quarters sweating" and also mission jumpsuits which she likes because she likes a guy in uniform. "[She likes] firemen. A guy always looks better in a fire suit." "You're examining me, I'm going to talk really really fast." She and Neil are "comparable at Words with Friends," and when she does a scene with Wheaton, she looks at his knees all the time. "He is an excellent Knee actor." And my favorite: "I like time traveling because I feel like I look good in period haircuts." Indeed you do Felicia.

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