They show a compilation of Speilberg's films, which only caused me to want to watch all of those films again.  Then Speilberg is introduced and all of Hall H erupts.  For a film lover, it was an amazing experience just to be in the same room with him. 

He was asked what made him want to make a TINTIN film.  He said that he was introduced to TINTIN when a European film critic compared Indiana Jones to TINTIN.  Speilberg says that TinTIn is like a cousin of Indiana Jones.  The main characters have the same ambition and drive.

We are shown a clip of a test shot of Snowy that Peter Jackson made for Steven Speilberg to show that Weta is the best choice to do the motion capture for tintin.  Then Peter Jackson comes out for the panel.  I think that my geek meter just exploded.  Once again I am having a hard time believing that I am in the same room with these men.  

Speilberg says that Jackson had a bigger hand in the project then we would think.  He was fully involved in the animation.  All new programs were created for the filming of TINTIN.  Speilberg was able to hold the camera and film this whole film.

 "I had something that looked like a playstation controller that had a six inch screen in the middle."

 He said that he would be filming the actors who had the motion capture dots on them and in the screen he could see the actual TINTIN characters in real time.

They showed us a five minute clip from the movie.  It starts off with a shot of TINTIN inside a house and someone outside the front door telling him that he is in danger. TINTIN pulls out a gun but before he can shoot, machine gun fire erupts from outside.  TINTIN opens the door and the man on the outside falls inside, dead. Then it cuts to TINTIN on a ship where he first meets Captain Haddock. Then we are treated to a compilation of action shots from the film.  The complete awesomeness of the motion capture that was used, blew me away.  I have always disliked motion capture, but this will make me a believer.  Also, you can tell that the shots were purely Speilberg.  Fans will not be disappointed. 

Speilberg tells us that if we truly likes what he has done, he would love to do motion capture again.  But next time he wants Jackson to direct it.  He said that next to George Lucas, his collaboration with Jackson was his favorite.  The medeator asked Jackson about The Hobbit.  He says that he loves shooting this film, but gave no real info.

Speilberg was asked about all of his current films and how does he juggle all of them.  He says it is easier for him to do multiple projects at once because while he is working on one film and needs a break he will work on something else and he comes back to his other projects with more clarity.

Speilberg was asked what his favorite movie to work on was.  His answer was E.T.. The reason was because everyday after shooting he would go home happy and he loved working with the kids in the movie.  After the production was over he was sad and he realized that he missed the kids.  That is when he decided to start having children.  He now has 7.

They was asked which project is he sad that he passed on,  Speilberg's answer was American Beauty.  Jackson's was District 9.  Speilberg said that his favorite movie to produce was the Back to the Future Trilogy.

Speilberg Said that Jurrasic Park 4 should be out in the next two to three years.