Panel:  Joe Lynch, Ryan Kwanten, Jimmi Simpson, Michael Gladis, Danny Pudi, Margarita Levieva. Summer Glau, Peter Dinklage


We are shown the trailer for the film.  It shows people getting ready for a LARP combat.  Before the battle, Steve Zahn tries a spell out of his new spell book that summons a succubus from hell.  Thus forcing the LARPers to fight for their lives.

Joe Lynch said he tried his hardest to keep the film as true to the LARP lifestyle.  Ryan plays a character that was dragged to the battle by his best friend(Zahn) and pressured into joining in the fun.  

They is a lot of talking about what every actor liked about their characters and Margarita dumps a huge spoiler on us all.  I am not going to repeat it but she is acting like she has NEVER promoted a movie before.  You may be pretty Margarita but you FAIL!

We were shown another clip.  It was the character Hung(Dinklage) teaches Joe(Kwanten) how to fight in the LARPing world.  After downing a bag of shrooms Hung destroys Joe.

During the Q&A someone asked Summer Glau which of her action characters would win in a fight.  Her answer, River Tam.

Anyway, geeks and non-geek alike should like this film.  The cast is hilarious and I feel that the movie will be the same.  

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