SDCC 2011: Total Recall panel

With Inception being a success it feels like audiences are ready for high concept action films. Fans have been crying out against the remake since its announcement. But I'm going to be bold and tell you now the remake is going to be Amazing!

The footage they showed feels like it's a mix of Blade Runner,The Matrix, with a touch of Minority Report, the level of detail is staggering.

They showed us one clip. That starts with Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell) in what feels like its in futuristic opium den it looks very much like something right out of Blade Runner. Quaid enters a room in which he's greeted by McClane (John Cho) who has white hair and instructs Quaid to sit in a chair. There are holographic interfaces all over the place. Something goes "wrong" and it's revealed that Quaid is a spy.

He finds himself suddenly surrounded by some kind of "SWAT" team in high tech suits. Quaid raises his hands to give up and right before he is about to be cuffed all expression from is face is done it's like switch has gone off in his head. Quaid disarms and kills to people in about 2 second and in almost an Equiberium Gun-Kata way kills about 8 more people. The coolest things bout this was the camera work which is it's an uncut sequence kind a like bullet time but faster and more frenetic.

Quaid is now in the center of a room full of dead bodies and has no idea how he just did that. Then a second team comes in and he escapes. Lots of quick cuts and very exciting stuff sorry i can't remember all the details but the scope is large. All the action is very well organized and you get a real sense of place. Oh more thing robots looked pretty cool.

The director Len Wiseman shares that he loves shooting things in camera verses going it CG. Even the anamatics they displayed were very visually rich and highly detailed.

My battery is running low. Will update with a video later.

All I can say is give this film a chance Len Wiseman has made what looks like a great film.

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