SDCC 2011: TWIXT Panel!


Panel: Francis Ford Coppola, Dan Deacon, Val Kilmer, 

The cast includes Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning.

We all have a program/ 3D glasses that is a cardboard cutout of the face of Edgar Allen Poe.  Pretty cool collector item.

We are shown a ten minute clip of the movie Twixt.  It kind of gave an overview what the movie is about.  The clip is narrated by Tom Waits.  It is about a sub-par horror writer Hall Baltimore (Val Kilmer) shows up in a small town to do a book signing, when the local cop (Bruce Dern) propositions Hall to write a book about the town.  A town that he claims is haunted.  Hall is given a tour of the town and is convinced that it is worth writing about.  It shows that as he gets more involved the more strange things start to happen to him.

It is a story that we have all seen, but it is done by FFC so it might have more to it than we think.  Coppola is doing something new with the 3D in this film.  Not the whole movie is 3D.  There is a que for you to put your glasses on for specific scenes. Then you are 

FFC would like to go out when this film is released he wants to go around the country and do a live version of this film.  He wants to make every performance specific to every audience.  He shows us that he has a computer in front of him that can control the film.  That way he can makes scenes that the crowd likes longer and bad scenes shorter.  Customize the film to the audience.  They tested it out on us and there were a few bugs in the program, but we can see what he is trying to do.

They just keep shuffling the video and to be honest, it is making me really not want to see this film.  The story is really not catching my interest.  I know that FFC is one of the most celebrated film makers of all time, but I think this might not be his best.  I think only time will tell. 

McMurphy Out!