Vampire Graphic Novel LAST BLOOD to get Film Adaptation

Mutant Chronicles director Simon Hunter has been hired to direct a live-action adaptation of the vampire graphic novel Last Blood 

The graphic novel was created by Chris and Bobby Cosby, and the story takes place “after a zombie apocalypse, when vampires must battle to protect the last surviving humans to keep alive the necessary blood supply.” 

That plot sounds a lot like the Ethan Hawk vampire film Daybreakers, but with a zombie apocalypse. I’ve become very skeptical of vampire movies like this because these days they rarely turn out good, but I’m still willing to give this a chance because you never know, it could actually turn out being a really good movie. 

I'm still not sure about director Simon Hunter, Mutant Chronicles ended up not being as good as I was hoping. Do you think this will end up turning out to be a good movie?


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