Trailer for a Crazy Looking Hitman Film called KILL LIST

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

Here's the trailer for an insane looking hitman film called Kill List. This international trailer that was released doesn't really give us much to go off of, but it looks like the story descends into madness, and according to all the review quotes in the trailer it sounds like a film that is worth watching. As for the story it sounds awesome! It involves a group of demobbed soldiers turned contract killers who run up against a devil-worshipping coven.

Here's the full synopsis:

Beginning 8 months after a disastrous job in Kiev left him physically and mentally scarred, ex-soldier turned contract killer Jay, is pressured by his partner Gal, into taking a tough new assignment. As they descend into the dark, disturbing world of the contract, Jay begins to unravel once again - his fear and paranoia sending him deep into the heart of darkness.

Check out the trailer for the film below and tell us what you think!

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