Must Watch: The Spatial Impossibilities in THE SHINING - Film Psychology

Check out this fantastic film psychology video breakdown of the spatial impossibilities of Stanley Kubrick's Overlook Hotel in The Shining. This is quite an eye opener. With how detailed Kubrick is about his films, and all of the research he puts into his movies, you would think that he really dropped the ball on his hotel Overlook Hotel design, but then of course there is a method to his madness.

How Stanley Kubrick used Escher-styled spacial awareness & set design anomolies to disorientate viewers of his horror classic The Shining. This is a must for serious Kubrick fans and psychology students. Written, narrated and edited by Rob Ager.

You've got to watch this video, in a way it's actually pretty mind-blowing. The video opened my eyes, and I'll never watch this film the same way again. 


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