Secret Audio Tapes Found From BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY!


I absolutely can't wait for Batman: Arkham City.  Every time I see something new from it, it just fuels the fire inside me.  

Now, what we are bringing you today is a little taste of what the characters in the game will sound like and how they will think.  This is a collection of secret tapes that were found.  They are interviews that Hugo Strange conducted with some of Gotham's greatest criminals.  Here is what had to say about this awesome marketing scheme:

These tapes have mainly been found at conventions (E3 and SDCC), while others have been found by deciphering viral riddles that have revealed hidden YouTube videos. With a few on-going riddles still being processed we hope to bring even more audio tapes to you very soon. But for now, have a listen and enjoy Joker's, Two-Face's, Catwoman's, Riddler's and Penguin's Arkham City interview tapes!

So, please enjoy and let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out!

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