Mark Wahlberg willing to finance ENTOURAGE movie

Mark Wahlberg revealed today that he is willing to finance an Entourage feature film. The eigth and final season of HBO's hit show has begun. The cast was present at today's Television Critics Association presentation to say goodbye to the show. Adrian Grenier revealed, "We're all choked up, we've been together for eight years... creating something we're very proud of." Jerry Ferrara also added, "It's very very bittersweet for me ... You just wonder if it's ever going to be like this again."

Creator Doug Ellin met with producer and the shows inspiration Mark Wahlberg to chart out their vision for this season and to decide how they wanted to end the series. Ellin revealed, "We really wanted to leave viewers with an element of, 'We loved hanging with these guys and we'll miss them."

There has been talk of a feature film being made after this season has concluded. Wahlberg stated,"I said if I had to finance it myself, I'd do it. Ellin went on to say, "We're going to do a movie, it's a question of when and how quickly."

We have heard this story before with shows like Sopranos and 24, which have yet to materialize. As a fan I hope this does happen. The likelihood of this happening is better than others if Wahlberg follows through with his financial backing. What are your thoughts on this news?

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