Who wants to see Donald Glover play AFRO SAMURAI?

It was recently announced that Samuel L. Jackson is producing a live-action version of Afro Samurai, which is awesome! There's no doubt that this property has the potential of being an incredibly badass film. The studio developing the project, Indomina Releasing, still has yet to bring on a writer, director and actor to take on the film. I'm sure Jackson would love to take the lead role if he could, but I think he might be a little too old for the character. 

I think it would be great to actually see Community and Mystery Team star Donald Glover take on the role of the Afro Samurai. Why the hell not? He could totally pull it off. Our friends at Firstshowing brought up the possibility with Glover in an interview to which Glover replied, "That would be the bomb, man! I would love to do that." I think there a pretty big fan base that might be interested in seeing him do it as well. 

Do you remember when Glover was campaigning for the role of Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man film? That was a huge push, and it went pretty far, but ultimately Andrew Garfield is the one that ended up getting the role, which is great because he'll be awesome in it. But, Afro Samurai is a completely different beast, and Glover might have a better chance of landing the role if he tried to campaign for it. Glover is a great guy, and I think he has the personality and passion to pull off a role like this, he also has fantastic comedic timing, which is what this character needs. A role like this could also launch his career into a whole new level of awesomeness. He might look a little young, but I think that could be worked around. 

I love the idea of Glover taking on the lead role in this film. There's no word on if Glover's reps are actually pursuing it, but if they're not they should. If you want to see Glover take on the role of Afro Samurai and get crazy with the martial arts action, spread the word and let's get #Donald4AfroSamurai trending out on Twitter! Who knows if anything will happen, but it's worth a shot.


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