Congress Goes Geek in Debt Talks

"Yeah, we're even on Capitol Hill now"

Just when you thought debt ceiling talks between Republicans and Democrats couldn't get any more heated...Congress has gone geek in the last week with politicians making several references to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

The whole nerdgasm began when the wall street journal compared to members of the Tea Party as Hobbits setting out to defeat Mordor. This was then viral when Senator John Mccain then referenced the editorial in his speech (video below), and the geek floodgates opened from there.

Representative Rand Paul of Kentucky scolded Mccain on his website, claiming the politician "had been corrupted by the ring of power."

This was all topped off by speaker of the house John Boehner explaining to politicians that if there was not a solution met on the debt ceiling soon that it would play out "a lot like Star Wars" which I'm guessing means someone in the senate is secretly a Sith...

Finally political pundit Erick Erickson topped the whole thing off by mocking Boehner's strategy in a blog post titled "Our Ackbar Moment: It's a Trap.", of course in reference to Return of the Jedi.

Throwing nerd culture into our government proceedings? I can't say it's the worst idea, that is of course unless British Parliament starts going all V for Vendetta...but hey that problems for you chaps overseas.

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