New Pablo Escobar Film Project to get 'Lincoln Lawyer' Director

Movieby Joey Paur

The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman is currently in negotiations to direct a new feature film based on the ruthless drug lord Pablo Escobar. The film will be shot from a script written by Matt Aldrich who wrote a spec script for a film I've never heard of before called Father Daughter Time: A Tale of Armed Robbery and Eskimo Kisses.

This new untitled Pablo Escobar movie is the third project based on the drug lord that has gone into development in recent years. Oliver Stone was trying to get a film off the ground called Escobar, and Joe Carnahan was attached to direct a movie called Killing Pablo which was supposed to be based on the book written by Mark Bowden. Both of these film have been stalled, and there's no telling when or if they will get rolling again.

The film is set to be produced by Scott Steindorff who says the film will be a cross between The Godfather and a war film, "capturing the complexity of the man while showing the violent lifestyle."

This is the Latino Godfather. We’re showing the story of his family, the structure of his enterprise, his rise—the man had the largest criminal organization in the world. In the end, it was a war between Colombia and one man.

Furman added the following statement, 

It’s been an elusive journey to bring his story to the screen but the key is to not look at the hoopla around him but focus on the man. He was intriguing in many ways. It’s a dark story but it’s also a human interest story. I'm most excited about working with the talented Vincent Chase!

Of course that last line was a joke in reference to HBO's Entourage, when Vince played Escobar in the fake film Medellin. It would be nice to actually see a solid movie based on Escobar, this is an captivating story about one hell of a jacked up murderous individual. 

As far as the director is concerned, I thought The Lincoln Lawyer was a decent film, but I'm not sure if he could handle a crazy film project like this. I guess we''l have to wait and see. What do you think?

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