New photos and video show DARK KNIGHT RISES battle scene!

Yesterday we shared some cool photos of Tom Hardy in costume as Bane and today we have some new photos and video fromt he Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises. These phots and videos show them filming an epic battle sequence. Check them out below and share your thoughts:

Here is the video of the fight with a ton of extras and mayhem. It looks pretty sweet:


Check out this cool video of the tumblers rolling onto the set:

Here are some updates from the set courtesy of Subaruwrxfan:

So I'm watching the same area today from the "prison break practice" video. The steps are now manually being covered with snow around the edges and stuff. There's about 50-75 cop and swat looking guys facing the steps just lined up. The 3 camo tumblers just rolled in also.
Barricades in same place, and all 3 tumblers were there for his scene yesterday, although I believe only 2 could be seen on camera. Interesting observation though, yesterday a trailer that was unmarked today now has a sign that says "Wayne" on it. I think batman is gonna be doing some filming today.
Getting ready to film police vs mercenaries scene. No prisoners. All happening on those same steps. Snow falling from the sky.
Just did a take. Snow was coming down really heavy, it's actually flying past me as I type this. Lol
Batman and Bane just showed up! Right in the middle of the crowd of cops. Got a few from a block away, same deal as the bane ones I posted yesterday. Bane looks the same and the batsuit looks the same, but I obviously can't see many details. Yeah my buddy is here filming too. Bane and Batman seem pretty evenly matched, although bane did get in one big punch.
Oh and just got confirmation again of Anne Hathaway in a prison suit. They had her tucked away that even the pro photographers couldn't get a shot of her.
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