Comic-Con 2011: Sweet Hasbro RETURN OF THE JEDI Exclusive and more

Earlier we posted some of the cool exclusives that were going to be at SDCC this year. Now we want to share a sweet Hasbro Return of the Jedi 12-piece vintage collectors set. They have a bunch of other cool exclusives that will likely go very fast. Check out the full list below and see you at the Con!

Here are a bunch more awesome Hasbro SDCC Exclusives:


GIJ Army Heavy Gunner
GIJ Army Paratrooper
GIJ Combat Jet Sky Striker
GIJ First Responder Firefighter
GIJ Police K-9 Unit
GIJ Rapid Strike Commando


IM2 Iron Assault Truck
MVL U Doctor Strange
MVL U Dr. Doom
MVL U Falcon
MVL U Scarlet Spider
MVL U Skaar
S-M Triple Battle Truck
SHS Iron Fist Black Spider-Man
Star Wars

SW CW Barc Speeder Bike
SW CW Capture of the Droids
SW CW Electronic Lightsaber – Kenobi, Skywalker, Vader
SW CW Freeco Speeder
SW CW GBG Ahsoka
SW CW GBG Aqua Droid
SW CW GBG Arf Trooper
SW CW GBG Captain Rex
SW CW GBG Clone Commander Cody
SW CW GBG Clone Commander Jet
SW CW GBG Hondo Ohnaka
SW CW GBG Kenobi
SW CW GBG Stealth Ops Clone Trooper
SW CW GBG Super Battle Droid
SW CW Republic Attack Shuttle
SW CW Stop the Zillo Beast
SW Episode 1 Blu-Ray
SW Episode 2 Blu-Ray
SW Episode 3 Blu-Ray
SW Episode 4 Blu-Ray
SW Episode 5 Blu-Ray
SW Episode 6 Blu-Ray
SW ESB Boba Fett White
SW ESB Rebel Soldier
SW GBG Darth Vader
SW GBG Death Star Trooper
SW GBG Destroyer Droid
SW GBG Mace Windu
SW GBG Spacetrooper
SW GBG Super Battle Droid
SW Ponda Boba
SW PS Heroes Barc Speeder
SW PS Heroes C3PO & R2D2
SW PS Heroes Freeco Bike
SW PS Heroes Han & CHewbacca
SW PS Heroes Kenobi & Cody
SW PS Heroes Landspeeder
SW PS Heroes Skywalker & Jar Jar
SW PS Heroes Vader & Stormtrooper
SW PS Heroes Yoda & Skywalker
SW Search for Luke
SW TF Crossover Kenobi Starfighter
SW TF Crossover Skywalker Starfighter
SW TF Crossovers Battle Droid Commander AAT
SW TF Crossovers Clone Commander Wolffe Republic Gunship
SW TF Darth Vader Star Destroyer
SW TF Grievous Starfighter
SW TF Kenobi Starfighter
SW TF Skywalker Jedi Starfighter


TF Battle In The Moonlight
TF Vombing Run Battle
TF CV Autobot Ark
TV CV Autobot Guzzle
TF CV Dark Sentinel Prime
TF CV Sentinel Prime
TF Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
TF MT Decepticon Drag Strip
TF MT Major Altitude Half-Track
TF MT Specialist Ratchet
TF Prime Arcee
TF Prime Bumblebee
TF Prime Starscream
TF Rage Over Cybertron
TF RB Bumblebee
TF RB Bumblebee Rescue Garage
TF RB Fire Station Prime
TF RB Heatwave the Fire-Bot
TF RF RMEgatron
TF RF Roadbuster
TF SS Bumblebee Beast MAchines
TF SS Bumblebee Camaro Concept
TF SS Bumblebee Trans Scan
TF SS Crumplezone Night Attack
TF SS Crumplezone Trans Scan
TF SS Mirage
TF SS Mirage vs Megatron
TF SS Oil Pan vs Bulkhead
TF SS Optimus Prime vs Megatron
TF SS Optimus Prime Beast Machines
TF SS Optimus Prime Metal Heroes
TF SS Optimus Prime Night Attack
TF SS Optimus Prime
TF SS Sentinel Prime vs Bumblebe

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