Javier Bardem Confirmed for BOND 23

"The decision? Simpler than a flip of the coin."

Earlier in the year we reported that Javier Bardem was offered a role in the upcoming Bond film...then we reported that Naomie Harris was offered a role although details were unknown...then we reported that MGM killed the Bond movie and that it wasn't happening...then your head exploded because we now give you this.

Baz Bamigboye confirmed today that Javier Bardem will indeed be in the new Bond movie, but the question remains...what will the new Bond movie be about?

Bamigboye also confirmed Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean) will be joining the cast as Miss Moneypenny, which leaves me to wonder if this new movie may be a revamp of past characters?

Ok, truth be told, none of that really gives me any indication of that, but I can't shake the feeling that Javier reminds me of another timeless Bond villain...what was his name again....


tell me I'm wrong.


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