Legend of Zelda OOT 3DS Easter Eggs a plenty...and Robin Williams

"Now Link...can you show us again what the tree asked you to do?"

For those of you who have played the brilliant remake, you already know that Zelda OOT 3DS ain't your run of the mill port...in fact Nintendo threw quite a bit of extra goodies for you to oogle as you wait for the upcoming "Skyward Sword".

Some are updated Easter eggs, some are looks into the future, and some are blasts from the past. Then I saw this video titled "Tom Hanks Legend of Zelda" and I'm like "what the $#%@?!" Then I watch it and it's actually Robin Williams in a commercial for the game I've never seen before and I'm like "what the double $#%@?!"... but I digress...enjoy the videos Zelda fans.


Special thanks by the way to Youtube users Arisefromtheashes88 (most the videos) and AlmightyLuigi (measly one video but who's counting?)

Enjoy yourself, and follow RR on Twitter: @Mickaplease

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