DIE HARD 5 - New Story Details, New Director


We've been hearing about a fifth Die Hard 5 for over a year now, and at one point back in February Halo commercial director Noam Murro was hired to direct the film from a script written by Skip Woods. Murro recently was hired to direct the sequel to Zack Snyder's 300 called 300: Battle of Artemisia. According to Twitch the director has had to drop out of directing Die Hard 5 to focus on this new film, so the studio is back on the hunt for a new director. Apparently the are looking at hiring Max Payne director John Moore to take on the film project. I don't really care for Moore's film work, his films, which also includes Behind Enemy Lines, are just very bland mediocre movies that don't give us anything memorable. As of right now nothing is set in stone. 

It was also revealed that that this fifth installment of the Die Hard Franchise will take John McClane on a international action adventure to Russia with his son. The two characters get involved in a conflict with local forces. Honestly, McClane should just not leave his house... ever. Maybe that will be the plot for Die Hard 7, he decises to not leave his house but trouble finds him anyway. Then in Die Hard 12 McClane could be taking on an army of bad guys in a retirement home. 

Now there's an idea! Let's take all of these iconic action heroes played by big name action stars over the years and throw them into a retirement home together. 

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