Take a Trip through BATMAN Video Game Memory Lane


Batman has been entertaining us in the for of video games since 1986, over the years the games have gotten a lot better. Batman: Arkham City is coming out soon, and you've all seen how awesome that looks. It's amazing to see how far Batman has come in video games over the years.

Thanks to IGN we have a little visual history to share with you, taking you on a trip through Batman video game memory road. Some of you might not even know that some of these games ever existed. This is only a few of all of the Batman games that have been made over the years.

Description of the game shown above: Batman (1986, Amstrad CPC)

The very first Batman video game also featured one of the cutest little Batmen ever. The pudgy little Batman had to complete puzzles in an isometric, neon colored mansion to rescue Robin. This is how video games used to be, kids!

Batman (1989, Amiga/Commodore 64)

Sometimes referred to as Batman: The Movie. Batman mostly had to use his grappling hook to climb up bright teal brick walls, and avoid drops of water that somehow killed him.

The Revenge of Shinobi (1989, Genesis)

Wait that's not a real Batman! Shinobi developers stuck in not just Batman, but also Spider-Man, Rambo, and Godzilla as enemies the ninja had to battle. Subsequent versions of the game removed these characters.

Batman (1990, NES)

Ah yes, the Batman game you all think of when we say Batman games. Sunsoft's 8-bit Batman is ingrained in every fan's memory (at least those of us old enough to own an NES). Sure, he was purple, and the game had nothing to do with the movie, but it was still rad.

Batman (1990, Genesis)

Sunsoft returned for the first 16-bit Batman game. Unlike the NES version, this game actually followed the film somewhat. Plus Batman is like twice as big as the previous game. Look at these grafix!!!

Batman (1990, PC)

Somebody was like "Hey dudes, what if we made Pac-Man… but it was BAT-Man?" Then instead of just washing out their bong and getting back to work, they actually made it. Batman in a maze, clowns instead of ghosts. Yeah.

Batman (1990, Arcade)

Yes, another game just called Batman. This one was an arcade beat-em-up where—wait a minute. What the hell is going on in that window? Is that lady who curiously lives above Shipping and Receiving about to be murdered? Batman do something!

Batman Returns (1992, Everything)

There are, like, eight versions of this damn game. But you're looking at the SNES beat-em-up. Batman collected test tubes, kicked Bikers in the head, and was the biggest, buffest Batman to grace consoles by this point.

Batman: The Animated Series (1993, Game Boy)

The first game to be based on Batman: The Animated Series (the best Batman cartoon), and the second time Batman appeared on the Game Boy. Based on the screen, we presume the game was about Batman shopping for Robin's birthday.

The Adventures of Batman & Robin (1994, SNES)

Remember this show? Hell yeah. There are two versions of this game under the same name, but both are totally different. The SNES one was a platformer, and involved a rather extended battle between the Joker and Batman on a roller coaster.

Batman Forever (1995, Genesis/SNES)

Batman Forever was based on the Mortal Kombat engine and used photorealistic models of the actors from the film. It also controlled like a fighting game, which is absolutely terrible when you're actually a sidescrolling action platformer.

Justice League Task Force (1995, Genesis/SNES)

Batman has starred in a few fighting games, but Justice League Task Force was his first. The Justice League has been replaced with android clones, which explains why Batman is punching Wonder Woman in the boob (other than him being a misogynist).

Batman: Chaos in Gotham (2001, Game Boy Color)

Years before Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, Ubisoft had its own game about the inmates of the asylum breaking out. But in this game you played a tiny 8-bit Batman or Batgirl.

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game (1996, Arcade/PSX/Saturn/PC)

You thought you were done with the terrible Batman movie games, but here comes Batman Forever again! It was an arcade fighter where Batman punched both Drew Barrymore and Debi Mazar in the face. Ironically this did not kill either of their careers.

Batman: Justice Unbalanced (2003, PC/Mac)

When we think edutainment, we don't usually think Batman. But this kid-friendly bat-title brought back the Bruce Tim style designs of the animated series, and taught kids logic skills, much in the way Bruce Wayne taught dick Grayson to kick people in the face.

Batman Begins (2005, Everything)

Realistic Christian Bale Batman makes his first appearance (there are even levels where you play as Bruce Wayne). He's doing a Spider-Man thing here for some reason. Luckily this game was so bad they didn't bother to do The Dark Knight videogame.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame (2008, Everything)

D'aaaw, lookit the cute little LEGO Batman! Holy crap, he's adorable. He's trying to strike fear into the hearts of criminals and all that jazz, but he's just so darn precious.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (2008, PS3/360)

If you ignore that this game is f@#%ing ridiculous, Batman is actually pretty hardcore. He goes toe to toe with Mortal Kombat's best, and even though his code of honor won't let him kill anyone, it doesn't stop him from unleashing a swarm of bats on Scorpion's sorry ass.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009, PS3/360/PC)

By far the most bad-ass – and sexiest – Batman of the bunch (yeah, we said it!). Arkham Asylum took the Dark Knight to the extreme with a game that fully utilized everything we loved about Batman. And his minimalist, monochrome costume is one of the sleekest he's ever had.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame (2010, Wii/DS)

This sidescrolling beat-em-up is based on The Brave and the Bold cartoon. Batman went back to his classic, '60s look, but his voice remained the sultry baritone of Diedrich Bader.