Frank Darabont shopping new series and why WALKING DEAD is better off!

Earlier we reported that Frank Darabont had been fired from The Walking Dead. THR reports that Darabont is currently shopping an hour-long drama that would mark his return to television. The unspecified project has attracted interest from more than one bidder.

AMC president Charlie Collier and head of original programming Joel Stillerman flew to the set on Thursday to meet with the cast and crew and keep production moving along on season 2. It's reported that the cast and crew are upset about Darabont's departure so this trip makes sense. It is understandable that they would want ot hear from the execs why Darabont was fired. We shared a story about budget cuts which were a huge cause for the tension between Darabont and AMC execs. AMC had even gone as far as suggestion to shoot more scenes indoors to cut corners. 


Many of you (including Venkman) have expressed your frustration and feel the show is truly dead now. I could not disagree more, and feel the show will be better off without Darabont. Do not get me wrong, Darabont is extremely talented and great at what he does. I am a huge fan of his work, but think that his firing will bring the show to another level. 
People are forgetting that Robert Kirkman's graphic novels and characters are the lifeblood of this series. Darabont brought was integral in getting the show off the ground but the cast, writers and crew are what make the show successful today. Having compared the first season to the graphic novels I feel that the show was pretty much in line with the story page for page. The characters added are a little different, but I think they add to the show and the story.
I would much rather see Darabont take on a series of his own creation or better yet, direct a new feature film. His last feature film was The Mist, which I loved. Darabont's involvement in The Walking Dead was like extra sauce on a pizza (which I love).  The biggest obstacle is for the cast and crew to get over this change up, but i am sure that will happen in time. I for one plan on watching every episode of season 2.



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