Mike Myers Officially Signs on for AUSTIN POWERS 4

Movieby Joey Paur

It's been eight years since the last Austin Powers film Goldmember, and I hinestly didn't think we would see a fourth film get made, especially after 8 long years. But the Powers franchise hasn't died, according to HitFix Mike Myers has officially signed on to star in and write the fourth film.

We heard back in 2008 that he was writing a story for a fourth film that would put more of a focus on Dr. Evil than Austin Powers, and would feature Dr. Evil's son played by Seth Green. There's no word if that is still going to be the direction that they will take the story. 

I've enjoyed watching the Austin Powers film, and I hope that this fourth one turns out to by just as funny and entertaining. Myers is a talented and funny guy, and I think he will deliver the comedy once again. But to be honest, if we are reviving old Mike Myers properties then bring back some Waynes World action! 

Myers has done much over the last few years, he's had his Shrek gig, played a small role in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, and made a really crappy forgettable movie called The Love Guru. Maybe a new Austin Powers film is what he needs to get his career back on track. But it's all official, Austin Powers 4 is happening. I wonder if Jay Roach will come back to direct the film.

What do you all think about seeing a Austin Powers 4?