WITCH PLEASE! - Wiccans Mad About True Blood

TVTrue Bloodby Mick Joest

"Not even a single Pentagram design on her body...shameful"

You know it's funny, out of all the groups that would've had beef with the hit HBO series (religious fanatics, anti-gay rights groups, recovering drug addict werewolves) I never thought that Wiccans would be mad about their portrayal on this season.

Yet complaints have rang throughout forum boards and coffee houses nation wide as magic users are collectively pissed off at the "recklessness" of the Marnie, who apparently had to have dropped out of her second year at Hogwarts judging by her skills. Among other gripes...Wiccans find Marnie's possession by the witch Antonia a danger to those who practice magic, as true witches know they should never allow full control by a spirit.

Another gripe is that Marnie displays even more shame upon the warlocks of America when she goes so far as to raise the dead in an episode...something ethical witches would never do...regardless of their ultimate power.

So she may not wear as much black as you are comfortable with Wiccans...I wouldn't complain if someone tried to make me look awesome...but then again I've never understood the way you guys think, so don't be cursing me or anything and remember "an it harm none, do what ye will".


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