Kevin Smith reveals that HIT SOMEBODY will be two parts!

Kevin Smith's next film, Hit Somebody, will reportedly be his last. Smith announced during a Red State tour stop Q&A in Montreal that has become too big of a story to be told in one film. Instead of one really long film, he has decided to split the film into two parts. The news was first reported on Hour Community, and then was confirmed by Smith himself via tweet

The film will reportedly be split when Buddy, played by Nicholas Braun, makes it to the NHL. The first part of the story will focus on Buddy's childhood. Smith had initially considered starting off with a TV show for the first part and then doing a movie, but decided on splitting the film in two.

Hit Somebody was inspired by the Warren Zevon song of the same name. It tells the story of "a tough hockey player whose dream is just to score one goal." The possible cast includes, Braun, Kyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and possibly Colin Hanks, Stephen Root, John Goodman and Melissa Leo.

While this may seem like a cash grab for Smith, it makes sense. Audiences do not usually pay to sit through four hour long films, granted Kevin Smith fans would. It is also usually difficult to get a studio to pony up the cash for a four hour hockey drama, but Smith has been working successfully outside of the Hollywood system for a while now. I for one am interested in seeing this movie no matter how many parts it has. What are your thoughts?

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