Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN Gets a Modified Classic Look

This weekend one of our writers R.P. McMurphy did a Rant on Henry Cavill's look as Superman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. His opinion sparked a huge debate among our readers. Later on that day GeekTyrant's co-founder Mazer couldn't contain himself, and pulled off some great photoshop magic on the first Man of Steel image that was released, giving us something to compare it to.

He made the Superman look a lot more like what we were all expecting to see, giving it a more classic Superman look. It's amazing what color will do because I love the modified image more than I do the Bizzaro image. I think it has a much more hopeful positive feel to it, the other darker costume has much more of a villain feel to it. What Superman do you prefer? 

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