Disney Executive Says Story is "Bullshit" when it comes to Tentpole Films

These are the kind of dumbasses that are running Hollywood right now. Why are there so many films coming out with terrible stories and scripts these days? Because according to one Disney studio executive, good storytelling is bullshit. This is only one man, but due to the amount of crappy films being released he's not the only person that feels this way. This kind of thinking just pisses me off so bad. It's this kind of thinking Hollywood doesn't need right now! We need smart people giving projects the green light, not a bunch of incompetent dumbasses that wouldn't know a good story if it came up to them and bit them in the ass. 

This all comes from Walt Disney Animation Studios chief technical officer Andy Hendrickson. He recently gave a presentation about how the studio needs to start making more tentpole films because the average number of viewers per movie release is falling. Here's the direct quote before I continue to rip him a new one...

A tentpole film is one where you can seed the desire to see the film to everyone in every distribution channel. It's the only kind of film you can spend $100 million marketing.

People say 'It's all about the story,' When you're making tentpole films, bullshit." Hendrickson showed a chart of the top 12 all-time domestic grossers, and noted every one is a spectacle film. Of his own studio's "Alice in Wonderland," which is on the list, he said: "The story isn't very good, but visual spectacle brought people in droves. And Johnny Depp didn't hurt.

Will someone please fire this man from Disney? Why? Because he's an idiot that doesn't care about wasting a shitload of money on tentpole films with crappy ass stories! Story doesn't matter my ass... you fool! Here you have over a hundred million dollars to spend on a film, and you can't use that money to pump out a solid story to go along with all the big special effects, and big name actors? That just shows how incompetent some of these studio executives are. If you add a a solidly good and awesome story to these big budget films 1) they will get good reviews, and 2) more people will go out and see it! Yes, good story and positive buzz will put even more money into your pocket! It's not rocket science, it's common freakin' sense! How do these people not know this yet!? 

He uses Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland as an example... I thought the movie sucked both story wise and visually, but the movie made over a billion doallars worldwide. Why? Because is a timeless classic story that starred Johnny Depp. Oh man! Could you imagine how much more money Disney would have made off of this movie if it would have had a better story, script and effects? 

Studios that spend all this money on tentpole films, and think of the of the story as an afterthought are selling themselves short, they are wasting the audiences money, and treating them poorly. We are spending a butt-load of money these days at the movies, the least studios could do is give us a great story to go along with these visually eye popping movies.

Special effects don't make movies good. I've said it time and time again, the story is the cornerstone of every and all movies, THE STORY DOES MATTER you nitwit, it's not bullshit! Time and time again Hollywood proves that I'm right, look at all the crappy movies that are being released with weak storylines. Most of these film could be great if they put more focus on coming up with a solid story, and fine tuning the script. Story ultimately stands the test of time, big special effects don't.

This Hendrickson guy is just trying to rationalize the waste of money on all of the crappy films that have been released. You want to get people to pay money to go see movies in the theaters? The answer you've come up with of making more tentpole films is wrong. Here's some free advice for you...  your answer is to start developing better stories! Start spending all the money wisely, stop treating the audience like they are stupid because they aren't. We know when we are being fed crap, and why would we go spend our hard earned cash to see a film? People aren't going to the movies because most of it is crap! You start making more crappy tentpole films the audience is going to see the lack of quality and not see it, just like many of them are doing now. 

Tentpole films with awesome stories can equal box office gold. You want to make a more money? That's what you have to do. 

What do you think? Am I being too hard? 

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