THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - Watch a Tumbler Get Demolished

There is a ridiculous amount of video footage and pictures pouring in from the set of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. I don't post most of the stuff that hits the net because most of it is crap or uninteresting. But I thought I would throw this one up because it's always cool to see something get destroyed. So here we have a couple of pics and video footage showing one of the many tumblers in this film get destroyed, by being swallowed up in the street. 

Check out the video below and hit us up with your thoughts! What do you think about all this leaked footage from the set? Do you like seeing this stuff or not? I'm just curious.

Here's a description of some additional stuff that happened from the eyewitnesses...

Subaruwrxfan eyewitness account - Just heard big explosion, bomb truck and 2 tumblers drive through the intersection. The explosion was the hole in the ground exploding in cherry way 

The hole is only about 5 feet deep and had a bunch of stuff in it too. 

Just heard (and felt!) a huge thump. They just did an explosion to blow up the tumbler while it was in the hole. Was pretty sweet. 

The explosion actually flipped the tumbler onto it's roof!! It's out of the hole now, forklift turning it over 

Well this is unexpected...there are 6 camo tumblers. They have a duplicate of each! (and they're all full size, so nobody start talking about mini-tumblers again, lol). 

Ben Collins (ex-Stig and stunt driver) just walked past me!!! Eeeeeee! I'm a huge top gear fan so that's double awesome for me! 

Wow, saw the tumbler that got blown up. They really are as tough as they make them look in the movies! It was flipped and fell in a hole and the only damage it took was a few small plates got blown off that cover the suspension. That's it. These things really are tough as nails. I'm really impressed. Wow.

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