D23 Expo First Impressions: WRECK-IT RALPH - First Look

Wreck-It Ralph was a  film presentation that I wasn’t expecting to see at Disney’s D23 Expo 2011, but it sure does look freakin’ fantastic! Wreck-It Ralph tells the story of a an old school arcade style bad guy named Ralph, who is a 9 foot tall 640 pound character that lives in a pile of garbage. His job in the video game is to destroy cities that will only to be built back up again by the good guy with a magic hammer named Felix. The image above gives you your first look at the main character of the film Ralph as well as the Felix. 

Ralph is jealous of all the attention that Felix gets because he is the hero. Ralph goes on an adventure around the arcade he lives in, jumping from game to game looking for a way to prove that he can be a good guy, and a hero, of course he just doesn't fit in with any of the games. Ralph isn’t content on his fate of being a villain. Some of the games he jumps in on are a Halo type video game and a game called Sugar Rush, which poses a threat to the arcade in which Ralph resides. 

We got to see the first four unfinished minutes of the film, and it was hilarious! This movie looks like it has a great story, fun characters and it looks like it got some great comedy. We are also going to see some cool cameos from other classic games as well in the film. There was a great scene in the trailer where Ralph is part of a video game villain therapy session called Bad-Anon, and it includes some familiar game bad guy characters. The movie has a Toy Story type vibe to it, in that the video game characters all come to life after the arcade shuts down. The movie looks like it’s going to be great. I loved what I saw, the script seemed to have solid writing, and I’m excited about seeing the finished product. Just this short four minute opening had me laughing my ass off, and I have no doubt it’s going to be a film everyone will enjoy. 

The film stars John C. Riely as Ralph, Jack McDryer (30 Rock) as the hero Felix, Jane Lynch (Glee) plays Sgt. Calhoun, and Sarah Silverman will play a character named Vanellope Von Schweetz. 

On another funny side note Silverman show up with McDryer, and she was asked about how she felt about Disney animated films during the panel. She said she had mixed feeling about them, that she loved them, but at the same time she said, “I hate that Disney films make me feel.” That was just a great comment.

This film isn't coming to us until November 2012, but it looks like it will be well worth the wait.

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