D23 Expo First Impressions: THE AVENGERS Detailed Footage Description

Marvel ditched out on The Avengers at Comic-Con this last year to save all the good stuff for Disney D23 Expo. The panel ended up being both cool and a bit disappointing. They showed off some amazingly badass footage from the film, then they brought out many of the cast members from The Avengers on stage, such as Tom HiddlestonColbie SmuldersJeremy Renner, Scarlett JohannssonChris Hemsworth and of course Robert Downey Jr who was the only one that did any kind of talking, and it was nothing really interesting... all he said was, “ I know what all of you want... you want to watch that again!” so they showed the awesome clip for a second time and then the cast walked off stage and that was it.

There was absolutely no Q & A, the actors didn’t talk about anything on how things are going on the set of the film, or anything else. I would have loved to see them talk about something, but they all just stood there looking pretty, and you know they got a nice chunk of change just to do that. The only bit of news that came out of this panel was from Marvel President Kevin Feige when he said that there were only two more weeks of filming left on the movie before it wraps up and goes into post production. 

As for the footage, it was incredible. We already posted a brief description of the footage, but Tom Hiddelston is so great as Loki, his casting in the role was spot on perfect. He’s awesomely sinister. It was great to see the avengers actually show up together on screen in some action packed moments, and seeing the new Hulk get all crazy on screen just made my head explode. That was so cool, the whole video footage that we was leading up to that point. Here's a more detailed description,

Nick Fury has Loki placed in a kind of clear prison chamber that looks like glass of course its probably some kind of crasy technological plastic. This prison cell is located on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. Loki's not really impressed. More amused. Nick Fury threatens Loki that if he tries to escape of even touches the glass, he'll take a nice little 30,000 foot fall, and Fury opens up a hatch at the bottom of the Hellicarrier to show him he's not joking. Loki, being the badass that he is doesn't show fear. He's confident, he's obviously got something up his sleeve. "You threaten my world with war. Steal a force you can't control. You have made me desperate," Fury goes on to explain that it was built for something a lot stronger, Loki replies saying, "So I've heard," and says something to him about not knowing what real power is. To that Fury says, " Let me know if real power wants a magazine of something."

We see that The Avengers have been in another room watching this exchange between Loki and Fury. We get a glimpse of Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), also monitoring the Fury/Loki encounter. The dialogue flowed extremely well, and it was really entertaining and fun. When the video that The Avengers are watching shuts down Bruce Banner looks up and says, regarding Loki, "He really grows on You Dosen't he."

The footage then cuts to another action packed sequence of events where we see The Avengers in action. A S.H.I.E.L.D. jet flys towards a city. Thor raises his hammer gloriously to the sky. Hawkeye using his talent with a bow and arrow. Another shot of Loki causing trouble. A look at Steve Rogers new Captain America costume, Thor slamming his hammer down on the shield of Captain America.

Then we see Tony Stark, standing behind a bar making a drink. He goes through an Avengers head count for Loki who is in the room with him, and mentions to him they they two highly trained assassins, a Demigod, an American legend. Stark basically tells him how he’s managed to piss a lot of people off. And here's the best part...  Loki responds to this with, "I have an army." Stark snaps back, "We have a Hulk!" It then cuts to the Hulk roaring wildly. That gave me goose bumps.  

The actual panel for The Avengers sucked, but the footage that was shown was a perfectly awesome tease. There’s no doubt that The Avengers is going to end up making fanboys and fangirls happy as hell.

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