Disney has Fired Marvel's Marketing Team - What does this Mean?

Remember when we were told that Disney wouldn't really touch Marvel and the way they did things? According to Deadline after the acquisition took place Marvel Studios EVP Operations Rob Steffens met with "all of the departments at the Manhattan Beach offices in what was described as a “Disney Rules of the Road” meeting. He told staff that there would be no house-cleaning by the mouse, period, so they were not to fear for their jobs and flee en masse." Well, that was a lie. It looks like the people at Marvel can start fearing for their jobs now.

Disney recently fired  EVP of Worldwide Marketing for Marvel’s LA Studios, Dana Precious, as well as Jodi Miller, Manager of Worldwide Marketing. Disney will now be taking over the department and put their Marketing team in control of all the Marvel films that are made. Captain America was the last film released under the Paramount and Marvel team up. Now that it's over Disney is ready to take it upon themselves to Market the Marvel films. The studio will bring in a project manager to focus on Marvels films.

The report notes that "Kevin Feige’s continued supervision of all things Marvel should resolve any doubts by fanboys that Disney will screw around or screw up the comic book films." I'm not so sure about that. The article says that the Marketing team who was fire we're not liked at the studio, but who knows what true and what’s not at this point. Here's my theory, and I could be wrong, but it's just a theory...  I think Disney is just waiting for Marvel to screw up so they can take over one piece at a time. The marketing department was the first thing to go. If another Marvel department slips up whose to say Disney won't use it as an excuse to take over that department as well?

Like I said in the beginning, we've been told that Disney will let Marvel do what they do, and handle their own affairs. I don't know about you, but I am starting to see Disney's influence on Marvel more and more. I guess it's not really a surprise, we all expected that to happen anyway. It's just a little discouraging now that we are seeing it actually happen. I understand it's only business, but as long as the future films and animated projects from Marvel stay solidly good, the fans will be happy. 

Lets take some bets... What is the next Marvel department that Disney will take over?

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