TAKEN Sequel to Start Shooting in October

The long awaited sequel to the hit Liam Neeson film Taken is about to start shooting within the next couple of months. According to filmmaker Luc Besson the film will start production in October. And in a brief interview, he went on to say that "Colombiana director Olivier Megaton has been using his time in Los Angeles to scout locations for the sequel to Taken," and mentioned that "everyone is back for the sequel including Famke Janssen, who had a small role as Liam Neeson's ex-wife in the first movie." 

Of course Neeson will be back to reprise his role, and in a previous interview he revealed some details of the story saying that his cahracter will be the one who is Taken and he's going to have to do what it takes to save himself, possibly others in the process.

I enjoyed the hell out of the first Taken movie, and if the sequel is just as badass and action-packed as the original then there's no doubt that the audience is going to enjoy themselves.

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