Universal Passes on McG's OUIJA Film

Universal Pictures has passed on another big film project, and I don't really care. It's McG's horror adventure film Ouija, based on the satanic family board game. McG was set to direct the film, and Michael Bay was producing. Universal will have to pay Hasbro a $5 million penalty for dropping a project which was part of the deal laid out in their 2008 deal. It must have been a pretty bad script to pay $5 million dollars to not have to make the movie.

There's not really any details on why the studio passed on the project, but personally I think they just saw how much it was going to suck, and they didn't want to deal with spending anymore money on a film that would most likely flop. Of course the studio has Battleship coming out and as of right now they are working on developing Candy Land and Stretch Armstrong. With all of the film projects that Universal is passing on these days it wouldn't surprise me if they pass on these other movies as well. 

According to Vulture, McG and Bay are going to meeting with other studios, and apparently Paramount Pictures has already passed on the project, and they like working with Michael Bay. That should tell you a lot about how good this film project looks. 

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