Justin Lin to Develop THE LEADING MAN comic adaptation for Universal

Fast Five director Justin Lin has been brought on board to develop an adaptation of the five part comic book series The Leading Man. The comic was created by B. Clay Moore and Jeremy Haun, and published by Oni Press. The story follows a famous Hollywood super star who is also one of the worlds greatest spies. He is fighting terrorism in between his trips to Cannes France. Bleeding cool compares it to Mission Impossible meets Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind.

This sounds like that kind of story that Lin could turn into a exciting action-packed film. Here's a brief rundown of the story and character.

There's more to the world's hottest actor than sexy starlets, tabloid gossip and primo parts because Nick Walker isn't just a Hollywood hunk, he's also a superspy.

When a routine investigation off the coast of France turns up a terrorist training facility, Nick must juggle espionage and screen time in this explosive and astonishing adventure.

Here's how the creators of the comic explained the story to CBR in a previous interview, which includes a few more details.

The Leading Man is Nick Walker. He's the hottest actor in Hollywood, and, unknown to all, he's also the world's greatest super spy. He works for the Agency, a real talent agency that only takes a few select clients. Throughout the history of Hollywood, the Agency has secretly trained some of Hollywood's greatest to fight the forces of evil. 

Nick is the star. Also on the set with him are his right hand man/assistant/techincal guru, Travis Conrad, and his stylist (who spends much time covering battle scars), Sarah Diamond. Co-starring in the movie, and in his first adventure, are former television action heroine Kim Carlisle and Academy Award worthy actress Alison Frost. Both ladies end up entangled with Nick as he stumbles across a secret terrorist training facility on the coast of France, run by the infamous Code Black. 

The Code Black bad guys in this issue are the nefarious Colonel Maxwell (ex-CIA, of course) and his students, known collectively as the Honor Guard.

I've never read this comic, but it sounds like it will make for a really fun movie, and these are the type for films that I think Lin is good at making. The film is in the very early stages of development, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out, and who they end up casting.

What do you think about Lin taking on this film project?

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