THE WOLVERINE Production gets Pushed Back yet Again

Fox has once again delayed production on The Wolverine, and it doesn't look like it will start shooting until Spring of 2012. It was suposed to start shooting this November in Vancouver, but it looks like that's been put on hold, due to location scouting in Japan. 

Apparently studio insiders are saying that it’s hard finding places to shoot in Japan because of weather-related considerations. Because of this they recenty moved the shooting location Canada and the production may end up using a combination of the two countries. One other thing that Deadline was told is that they are also waiting for Jackman to finish making Les Miserables

The gives the project enough time to loose it's second current director James Mangold, because we all know directors tend to move on to other projects the longer a movie is delayed, so I wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the next few months Mangold ends up leaving The Wolverine to direct another film. 

We'll eventually see the movie get made, it's just taking a lot longer than expected. Regardless of how bad the first Wolverine film was, I'm looking forward to this next one. I love the Japan Wolverine storyline and think it will make for a badass film... if done right. I hope Fox doesn't screw this one up. They nailed it with X-Men: First Class, so there is hope. 

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