Michael Clarke Duncan wants to play Panthro in THUNDERCATS and return for SIN CITY 2

Michael Clarke Duncan recently did an interview with Rotten Tomatoes. In the interview he revealed that he thinks he would be a perfect fit for the role of Panthro in a Thundercats movie, and would love to return for Robert Rodriguez's Sin City 2.

Here is what he had to say:

Speaking of Daredevil and Sin City, I read that you were a big comic book fan growing up. 
Is there a superhero you'd want to play if you had the chance? 

Oh yeah. I'd want to play Panthro from ThunderCats. I like Panthro. I always have. He was cool, he did the nunchucks. I think I'd have to work on my nunchuck skills; when I was younger, I hit myself on the head with some nunchucks. But Panthro from ThunderCats. I know they're going to do a ThunderCats movie, and they're apparently working on a show right now. I think Panthro would really suit me. I think I could really embellish that role.

Do you have any idea what's going on with Sin City 2? 

I haven't heard anything, but I think they finally get the funding together, and hopefully Robert Rodriguez will give me a call. Right now I am working on a contract with FOX to do 13 episodes of The Finder, which will be coming out January 5th, right after American Idol on FOX. But after that, I probably will, unless they order another nine episodes - you know, 22, fingers crossed - I'll be ready for whatever. I'm ready to act, I'm ready to work. I love working, and I'm sure if they call me, we can work around my schedule or something can happen. But I would love to be in Sin City 2.

It is interesting that Duncan is talking about a live-action Thundercats movie when that movie won't be made any time soon? As for Sin City 2, it would be cool to have him back. What are your thoughts? 

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